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MATT PITTROFF and JEFF COLLINS met over chivitos and Patricias in Montevideo, Uruguay. While it was selling fried chicken that brought them together, a tiresome friendship soon developed based on quick wit and a mutual respect for each other’s craft. The duo has partnered on dozens of ad campaigns, collectively raising Canada’s baseline cholesterol by 10 points.


Their last narrative effort - Social Mediation, starring Allegra Edwards - explored the idea of social assets as modern currency. In it, a couple whose relationship had run its course is forced to seek legal counsel to navigate the process of fairly dividing their carefully curated public facing life into two lives that leave them feeling just as interesting, enviable, and most importantly shareable apart as they were together. Absurd, but not entirely outside the realm of future possibilities. Social Mediation was well “liked” garnering “Best Comedy Short” and “Audience Award” laurels at the Toronto Short Film festival and took home the “Best Director” award at Austin Comedy Shorts.

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